Everybody is a genius

Submitted by chaky on Thu, 10/21/2021 - 20:31

geniusI agree with Einstein.  Everybody is a genius and also not a genius at the same time.  You should not feel sad when you see somebody is better than you.  It is ridiculous to compare swimming between a fish and a dog.

This teaches us several things:  

  1. Never stop searching out your strength until you find it.  Talent is real.  Everyone somehow is born with a certain unique talent, and it's your job to learn how to maximize its use.
  2. Only by harnessing your strength can make you great.  Trying to fix your weakness will ONLY make you mediocre.  Stop caring about how others think about you.  Analogically, a dog that tries to swim will NEVER swim as fast as fish even it spends its whole life trying. Instead, accept that you can be weak sometimes, and learn to "manage" your weakness, i.e., learn how your strength can compromise your weakness; learn to make friends who can accept your weakness and understand your strengths. 
  3. Realize that you yourself cannot achieve much because we each have our own flaws and strength; only together we triumph.  We humans as an individual are actually very stupid...We may be great in one or two things, but we also suck in many more things.
  4. We should not look down (or trash) anyone or misuse our authority, because everyone has their own unique strength.  Instead, empower them.